About Eumora Facial Bar

Skin Health: the foundation of beautiful skin

The skin is our body’s largest organ and the only one we wear on the outside. It acts as a waterproof, insulating shield guarding us from harsh influences from the outside world, such as damaging sunlight, extreme temperatures or harmful chemicals. Additionally, healthy skin also exudes antibacterial substances to prevent infections*. 

If we expose ourselves to overly harsh or non-suitable skin care products, extreme weather conditions (sun, cold), bacteria or well-meant but harmful squeezing of pimples or excessive treatments of IPL, etc. the skin barrier is broken and skin health is jeopardized.

In our quest to look beautiful, we should not forget that the first step to beautiful skin is healthy skin and EUMORA the Facial Bar restores skin health effectively in the most natural and gentle way.

3 minutes is all you need to have a newer and healthier look with Eumora the Facial Bar, a simple facial bar that does wonders to your skin.

Eumora ™
 is made from 95% active ingredients, unlike most skin care products, that are made of mostly water.

Eumora™ is formulated from 2 main ingredients:

Heilerde’ or Clay Moor from Europe

Highest Quality . Vegan . Halal . Not tested on animals . Non-irritant

Heilerde (‘healing clay’) is the oldest remedy that Mother Earth has to offer and has been formed during the last glacial period. Found in the deepest layer of the earth this nutrient-rich peat has been submerged underground for thousands of years. Ingenious as only nature can be, nature protected it from air and any outside pollutant and so allowed the healing plants and herbs to transform into a natural herbal complex with outstanding therapeutic properties. This herbal complex has been used since ancient times in natural medicine, because it is germ-free and contains all known mineral nutrients (except iodine). As it adsorps and absorbs bacteria and any harmful pollutants that are harmful to the skin, skin’s natural balance is restored resulting in healthy and beautiful skin.

And what does this all mean for your skin?

Heilerde is a potent natural all rounder for skin health. It detoxifies, heals, calms, and prevents infections and reverses skin issues.

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Hydration Micro-algae (HMa)

One of the KEY ingredients in Eumora™ is Hydration Micro-algae (HMa) Factor that makes it unique and hyper effective!

Algae is a natural aquatic substance containing many valuable minerals to effectively protect itself from environmental factors and in this way survive cold or harsh climates.

Proprietary to EUMORA the Facial Bar are the Hydration Micro-Algae (HMa). These are high quality organic micro-algae that are especially cultivated in fresh water lakes and provide a wide array of nutritional elements and Vitamin B1, B2 and B12. Its unique mesh structure helps to lock and absorb moisture that provides long lasting hydration.

And what does this all mean for your skin?

This tiny powerhouse is more than just a sidekick: it strengthens the skin’s own defense by removing external pollutants, boosting cell energy and grants a continuous deep and lasting moisturizing effect – giving you a healthy soft and bright skin.

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