South East Asia's Best Kept Secret

You might have heard it from friends or through the grapevine: Throughout South East Asia, people have been raving about a ‘miracle’ facial  bar that produces the most stunning results and has even transformed skin troubled with acne or eczema: returning  notably clearer and softer skin. This miracle bar is EUMORA The Facial Bar containing clay moor from Europe (Europa, Moor).

It’s the one for all: it improves all types of skin, be it oily, troubled, sensitive, ageing, male, female, young or old skin. Because it helps skin in its most fundamental way, it restores and improves one’s skin health

It’s the closest to Mother Earth remedy you can get: All ingredients are proprietary to EUMORA and are purely natural and non-irritant, so it takes care of your skin health in the most gentle way as it is pH neutral to our skin. You will notice that the lather feels gentle on skin and doesn’t sting while applying.

It is straightforward and economical: Because of its many benefits to skin, people have dumped all their skin care bottles and tubes and only use EUMORA for their skin cleansing needs.

EUMORA the most powerful facial bar for a gentle way to skin health